Innovating Across the Landscape with TRAVERSE

Zeager Bros Home

Choosing TRAVERSE meant that headaches with third-party software integration became a thing of the past for Zeager Bros. With the coding help of Jason Groff, TRAVERSE is tied with the industry specific software that Zeager Bros. requires. “I think the ability to customize TRAVERSE where needed is probably the number one thing that attracted us to TRAVERSE in the first place, and the number one thing that we’re most happy with now,” says Zeager. “The ability to have this custom logistics or shipping component along with it has certainly been a big plus for us. That’s something that was a barrier for us to using off-the-shelf software in the past. read…

Traditional Business Know-How with New Technology

Weavers Store Home

What’s next for Weaver’s Store? With their new inventory control, point-of-sale, and back-end accounting system, they are expanding new stores in nearby communities. They have already opened a second location in Leola, PA that specializes in hardware. They are also looking to expand their business into e-commerce. read…

A Flexible Company Replaces Inflexible Software

Smith Paints Home

In 2005, in spite of resourceful use and memory expansions, Smith Paints had stretched the abilities of their out-of-the-box software responsible for their accounting and the management of their specialized formulations. We were losing the ability to reference our information,” says Brunner. “Therefore, our financial statements started to become off. Billing would sometimes lose an invoice on us. These are things that you just do NOT want to hear.” To help fix their problems, Brunner got in touch with Jason Groff, Michael Groff, and Mike Bailey of Technology Solutions Associates. “With regard to Technology Solutions… they’re exceptional,” says Brunner. read…

All three of our services together give you all the responsiveness, resources, and quality of an internal IT department, without the overhead.