Software Made to Work for You

Have a unique business challenge that can’t be solved with out-of-the-box software? Rather than adjusting your process, we customize the software to work with your business. Our goal is to provide you with a custom software solution that streamlines your workflow.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance of all software customizations. If you need assistance streamlining a cumbersome business process give us a call.

Seamless System Integration

Managing your business using one integrated system rather than multiple, disconnected systems increases efficiency, reliability, and quality of service. If you are utilizing multiple pieces of software, we can assess your current system and determine the most effective software solution.

We specialize in resolving software pain points.

Outgrowing your current software?

Over time your business’s software needs are going to change and affect your workflow. We can evaluate your current process to determine if your existing software can be customized to meet your businesses new needs or find a new software solution.

Need additional functionality from your software?

You may have found a software solution that almost works for your business but is missing a key piece of functionality. We evaluate your existing software to determine if and how it can be customized. If customization is possible, we create and seamlessly integrate the new functionality into your current system.

Tell us your software challenge and we get to the root of the issue to find the best solution.

Working with Technology Solutions Associates

Give us a call. We’ll listen to your goals and give you a sense of the options we can provide.

We schedule an in-depth meeting with you, typically on-site.

Based on the initial meeting, we devise a partial plan and have follow up meetings to answer additional questions. The number of meetings varies depending on the complexity of your project.

Once all initial questions are answered, we formalize pricing and the implementation plan.

Projects are often implemented in phases. This allows your team to test functionality and provide feedback throughout the project. We examine the new functionality and workflow as you test it to ensure its efficiency. 

We provide ongoing support as you need it.

Our clients experience improvement in their workflow with a custom software solution.

See how we’ve improved our clients’ workflow

Custom Business Expense Application

As is the case in most businesses, cumbersome processes exist. This was the case for an air quality monitoring company. Their remote technicians spend the majority of their time on the road and collect their daily business expenses in Excel. We designed an application which imports those Excel sheets into their QuickBooks accounting program, creating organization and a fast turnaround of expense reimbursement.


TRAVERSE ERP is robust software with a very functional sales order module, but it wasn’t quite the right fit for our wholesale mulch client. They needed the ability to calculate freight on orders involving multiple freight loads while on the phone with their clients. So we integrated a commercial truck routing service into their sales order and price quoting process. The result is a real-time freight rate as well as suggested routing and load capacity information within the order.

SQL Database & .NET Applications

One of our clients receives, stores, packs, and ships nonstandard freight worldwide (such as factory relocations) via truck, plane, and ship. We assist them in this process by building and maintaining a SQL database and .NET application which manages the pieces from their arrival into their storage facility until they are delivered to the port.

Contact us today for a custom software solution or consultation.

All three of our services together give you all the responsiveness, resources, and quality of an internal IT department, without the overhead.