Software that Works for Your Business

We identify, install, and integrate the software your business needs to operate. This includes accounting, ERP offerings, and consulting services to diagnose and resolve your workflow challenges.

During an assessment of your current software and processes, we gather feedback from multiple sources across all departments in your organization that utilize the software. Whether it’s a short term install and integration or ongoing oversight of internal controls, we scale our services to fit your needs.

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Featured Software Offerings:


Whether you need accounting, distribution, manufacturing, not-for-profit, retail, or service industry solutions, TRAVERSE ERP has been tailored to give you complete insight into all of your business management processes.

Exactis POS

Exactis Point-of-Sale is an all-in-one hardware and software system which is fully integrated with Open Systems’ TRAVERSE application. It is based on Microsoft’s SQL Server and utilizes SQL replication to provide a reliable, detached architecture.


ExpoCise is an all in one reporting tool created by Technology Solutions Associates. It provides robust data analytics, report-writing functionality, and the ability to analyze, summarize, chart, and report on any structured data.

On-Time Web™

On-Time Web™ is a web timesheet software solution that puts the power of employee time tracking, employee leave tracking, and project monitoring at your fingertips. The extensive features, rich customization, and simple payroll integration make our timesheet software the perfect choice for small businesses while the scaling architecture and employee-based pricing make it an excellent choice for enterprise solutions.


This is America’s preferred accounting software for startup businesses. We can help you with installation and initial setup, following best accounting practices for your business type.

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Consulting that Improves Your Business

Our consulting services focus on achieving efficiency in your processes. We evaluate your current system and identify areas in your workflow that could be improved through the use of software and our workflow expertise.

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We find the right solution for your business.

Is your business organizationally or structurally changing and you’re finding gaps in your internal systems?

We analyze your current workflow to understand where your software is no longer an asset and find a suitable replacement or supplement the missing functionality.

Do you have a software or process in place that is no longer efficient?

We look to improve your existing workflow and software or can suggest and implement a change in software and process.

Software developers and financial experts working for you.

Working with us, you have developers and financial professionals on your team. We have the unique advantage of understanding the technology and the effect it has on your business.

Need a customized software solution?

If off-the-shelf software offerings aren’t quite what you need, we offer custom software solutions.

Tell us your software challenge and we get to the root of the issue to find the best solution.

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All three of our services together give you all the responsiveness, resources, and quality of an internal IT department, without the overhead.